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Time Capsules


Start making history! We live life at break-neck speeds. Time flies and sometimes it’s hard to remember the details of all the fun we’ve had along the way. TimeCapsules are the perfect way to capture and hold onto the big moments in your life; the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell, a graduation etc. Whatever the moment is with a TimeCapsule you can keep the memories of these milestone moments alive and fresh for years to come. What’s in it? Inside your TimeCapsule you find a helpful DIY kit with: a booklet that you can decorate with our handy set of question stickers, your answers and personal messages from friends and family. You can stick photos and drawings onto the pages in the booklet with our magic washi tape. We also included a handy manual, some graphic wrapping paper, a shiny golden sticker for your #1 memory and funky tags that you can hang onto personal items you want to include. Finally, you find a super strength sealing-strip to close the TimeCapsule with and keep all your goodies safe from curious wanderers for years to come!* * Warning! The TimeCapsule will self destruct Inspector Gadget style if opened early....

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